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Lisa Smith is our Front Desk Care Coordinator. She has been with Pediatric Dental Center of Avon since it opened in August 2009. She brings to the practice her life experiences from growing up in Connecticut to living in Colorado and Nebraska for 16 years. During her time in the west she received an Associate's Degree in Humanities with a focus on Spanish. She also received a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Colorado where she majored in Geography: Earth and Environmental Science and minored in Chemistry. In addition, she studied environmental science as a graduate student before returning to Connecticut in 2008.

Lisa has worked in healthcare offices and hospitals for over 20 years. Her administrative experience includes office manager, insurance coordinator, receptionist and transcriptionist. She has specialized experience in oral surgery, neurology and family practice. She was a research assistant in the Department of Geography and Environmental Science at the University of Colorado and conducted environmental fieldwork in Colorado and California. She also worked as a hydrologic technician for the US Geological Survey in Colorado for three years.

Lisa loves family, reading, animals and the outdoors. She is a member of the Appalachian Mountain Club, Connecticut Chapter. In addition, Lisa is a part-time substitute teacher in Farmington and routinely volunteers in her spare time.

This is what she has to say about working for Pediatric Dental Center of Avon:

"Working for Dr. Cosgrove is rewarding and inspirational. She incorporates a perfect balance of talent and skill that helps children gain confidence and feel safe in the dental office. For that small group of patients that comes in feeling frightened, they all leave feeling reassured that the dentist can be a trusted, non-threatening person. I love to see our patients happy about coming here. That's the way it should be."


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